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If you don’t know who someone is, find them.

If you want to add yourself, do it. I don’t care if you’re a first year, do it anyway.

Don’t be awful and change this around without asking.

Nicknames IRL Why should you care?
daz, delan Delan Azabani ComSSA president 2016
FuLlOn Callum Boyd ComSSA president 2014
Denial Daniel Brown ComSSA OCM 2014; used to be a navy seal marine
KiSM, PrincessDicks Kieran Gee ComSSA treasurer 2014; LAN projectionist; CRT lover
jasongi, Conesy Jason Giancono Guild president 2015
ooimo James Borrett ComSSA OCM 2016
mercluke Luke Mercuri ComSSA president 2015
Millie, scarlett Michael Mroz ComSSA secretary 2013; prettiest girl
pirorin, pipirupirupipirurin Jasmine Quek ComSSA vice 2014
Minion, TheNamelessCharacter Robert Raithel brews a damn good beer
Kye Kye Russell ComSSA vice 2015
tools Aidan Strümpher the oldest ComSSA member ever
Waffles Robert Walker ComSSA president 2011–2012
Yaspoon Brock York literally wrote his own bootloader
MadMockers Glen Chatfield resident welfare recipient
Pickles, Conway Anthony Messina biggest wog; definitely not an alcoholic
Baron Brad Schoone ComSSA OCM 2015
Lingling Rob Lai ComSSA OCM 2012; somehow pulls off wearing a fedora
Funsize, Shadow_Fox Mitchell Pontague
Sleta Alex Bean ComSSA OCM 2014; “holy fuck you fuck”; never forget
kingking9 Brock Picen
Zusional Tshen Lim eternal shadow committee; possibly older than the university itself
Smched, Vag Claire Taylor the oldest ComSSA member ever
Skibble Sinead Dowding art
Tomtom, Tomtomtom, etc. Tom Wilding tomtomtomtomtomtomtomtomtomtomtomtomtom
Mario, Papa Di Bucci Paolo Di Bucci ComSSA president 2013
Scott Ryan Day ComSSA OCM 2014
Blau, Blaukips Stephen Edmond ComSSA vice 2012; the reason for the BTech rule; iiNet shill
mensly, lensly Michael Ensly did this (NSFW)
jbatch Josh Batchelor ComSSA treasurer 2015; Atlassian shill; see: lbatch
lbatch Luke Batchelor see: jbatch
Jimmy, Jimbobo Jamal Hamdan ComSSA OCM 2014; trying to get a handbeezy
redezem Stefan Prandl
murdats Mitchell Sullivan ComSSA secretary 2008–2009; CITS shill
Babyface Alex Zurhaar
LuminousMonkey Mike Aldred
Chaotic_Arts Sam Rushton has mad tattoos
Nazara, nroach44 Nathaniel Roach ComSSA OCM 2015–2016
Chippy Andrew Mercer
Trainsarecool Liam Kinsella
Phallophile Lyle Anwar ComSSA OCM 2010–2013; LAN projectionist
Avocadobride Harry Singh
TheMann Jonathon Mann ComSSA president 2010
Peypey, Skean Peyton Foley ComSSA OCM 2013
Check Marc Ancajas
JamesTK, James_T, XReaper James Taylor CASSA committee 2013–2014
Lord_DeathMatch, Mause Dominic May
aedomsan, Badges Adam Parsons ComSSA secretary 2015; everyone voted “badges 2014”
TimMc Tim McDonald
#Williams Luke Williams “it’s ironic, I swear!”
Daff, TheDaff Matthew Pen
Humble Jacob Humble
Yimmishy Michelle Pryor
tdp Tim Peskett the saviour of every LAN
triggu #### ###### *v*nt-g*rd* d’armée
LaniakeaSC Joseph Grant
Xenosane Darian Martin
Jaci Jaci Brunning
opeik Sandro Stikić resident slavic shitlord
blha303 Steven Smith resident Armadale resident; definitely not racist
vSquare Brody Stockel resident Kenwick resident
teddy Richard Uzabeaga used to manage pow(1000, (time() - 1439000000) / 9000000) servers
Taka, Connor Connor Beardsmore ComSSA OCM 2016
councilscribe Andrew Samway page 291 of the 5th edition Monster Manual
BeanWithBacon, BeanWithoutBacon Emily Ackland
bob Andrew “Bob” Adamson UCC president 2011
Deco Declan White
Evan Evan Roberts CASSA committee 2015
FireGrey David Maxwell CASSA president 2016
grug Dave Cooper not the Curtin lecturer
kbSorc Nicholas Hall
kronicd Peter Hannay ECU SCSS lecturer; WAHCKon founder
pOpArOb Rob Steinz
Southen Sebastian Southen MITS vice 2010–2015
Terminus William Termini CASSA treasurer 2016
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